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              THE TRACE OF 10 YEARS
                 In 1997, the Chengdu Isotope Application Institution(CIAI) of the Nuclear Power Institute of China successfully invented the technetium[99Tc] methylenediphosphonate injection (YUNKE) which was the 2nd radiopharmaceuticals developed in our country since 1960s. From then on, the CIAI and latter the CYPC gradually developed to be a special enterprise providing advanced products and services in the field of diagnostic nuclear medicine and therapeutic nuclear medicine.
                 In 2000, YUNKE was approved for formal manufacture by the SFDA. Besides, two new drugs were patented.
                 In Oct., 2001, CYPC was established and was certificated as ‘Chengdu High-tech Enterprise’.
                 In 2002, CYPC was approved for the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) by the SFDA. And it was the 1st enterprise in the radiopharmaceuticals field. 
                 In 2002, a special seminar on YUNKE was hold in Chengdu. On the seminar, experts discussed the mechanisms of YUNKE on treatment of RA, AS etc. and exchanged experiences on application of YUNKE.
                 In 2002, experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA) and the World Health Organization(WHO) visited the CYPC.
                 In 2003, the CYPC was designated to confer the doctoral degrees of nuclear technology and application program by the Evaluation Committee of Academic Degrees of the State Council.
                  2006年, I-125密封籽源项目研发成功,预计将于2009年正式推向市场,并进行相关配套产品研发。
                 In 2006, 125I sealed seeds source was developed successfully and was expected to enter market in 2009. Now, radioactive stent using 125I sealed seeds source is under development.
                 In 2006, cooperated with the Red Cross Society of China, Chengdu City Branch and the Qingyang Section Herbalist Hospital, the CYPC sponsored a patient assistance social activity by fee-free drug(YUNKE) providing and treatment for the especially poor patients of RA.
                 In Oct., 2001, CYPC was established and was certificated as ‘Constructive innovational Enterprise of Sichuan Province’.
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